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Legacy Product Information

SaverSeries 30.3 stores and charges up to 30 devices up to 1″ thick and 14″ tall. Accommodates all types of devices and takes up a small footprint in the classroom.

SaverSeries 30.3 Spec Sheet

The Ensemble series adds secure, mobile storage space to learning environments with limited square footage. These versatile cubes can be custom-configured as stationary sections, stacked on top of each other, or wall-mounted. This multi-configuration series incorporates up to 20 device compartments per module with integrated battery charging systems, storage drawers and laminate top options. Solid construction using welded steel–as opposed to plastic materials–ensures durable and secure storage of your devices.

Ensemble Spec Sheet

SaverSeries 36 stores and charges up to devices up to 1″ thick and 14″ tall. Accommodates all types of devices and takes up a mall footprint in the classroom. Double-door front access.

SaverSeries 36 Spec Sheet

The EarthWalk eCharger is a mobile charging system that simultaneously charges and conditions up to sixteen SideKick PowerPack batteries. It safely stores and charges the SideKicks overnight, then rolls into the classroom to deliver the power packs to users as needed. The eCharger features: EarthWalk’s High-Efficiency power management system, cooling fan, 6″ solid rubber wheels and telescopic handle.

eCharger Spec Sheet

Our PowerStation Charging System can be integrated into the EarthWalk FlexCart or SmartCart series of computer labs to provide storage, simultaneous charging and conditioning of the SideKick power packs. Add a SideKick PowerStation to your mobile lab for all-day battery power in the classroom. PowerStations are available in 8-, 16- and 24-user models.

PowerStation Spec Sheet

Replacement Batteries

If you’re looking for the latest in replacement and extended-run batteries, choose from EarthWalk’s wide selection of factory-authorized name-brand products. Contact your EarthWalk solutions specialist to help you select the product that is right for your needs.

Maximize your hours of computer accessibility and the value of your laptop by increasing its run time with the SideKick PowerPack. This 120-watt external power source can drive most brands of laptops up to three times longer than its original battery. The SideKick’s usable life span is more than twice that of traditional internal laptop lithium-ion batteries.

SideKick Spec Sheet

STEM in Motion Lab is a mobile option for science, technology, engineering and math coursework. Outfitter with chemical-resistant epoxy resin work surface, sink and water system, electrical system, charging options and plenty of device and accessories/tools storage compartments.

STEM in Motion Lab Spec Sheet

EarthWalk has developed, engineered, and patented its High-Efficiency (HE) electrical power management systems to enable your mobile computer carts to operate and perform unlike any other solution available–integrated energy-efficient charging for laptops.

HE Charger Spec Sheet
HE PowerHub Spec Sheet

HE-Z is a game-changer when it comes to efficient/simultaneous charging while saving you time and money. This is a flexible, 2-part system: (1) Each device slot in the cart/lab has one half of the charging cord hard-wired into the cart with an accessible universal DC power socket. (2) Device-specific pigtails (or connectors) fit into the universal, hard-wired power socket. Device-specific connectors fit into the hardwired power sockets, so you can have a mix of laptop brands in one cart. It’s easy to upgrade devices, no tools necessary, no adapters needed.

*HE charging systems provides fixed-voltage only, NOT compatible with multi-voltage USBC-PD devices. Speak with a sales rep to determine compatibility with your devices.


View this chart to see a comparison of EarthWalk mobile labs vs. standard charging carts. See the benefits of our customized solutions that can save you time, energy and money.

2U Rack Mounted eServer The EarthWalk 2U eServer manages your network environment, supporting basic file/print, small databases, e-mail/internet gateways, firewall and more—it offers the confidence and reliability you’ve come to expect from an enterprise server. Configured with the latest Intel technology, this 2U eServer offers the power to participate in the Internet world of today, and the bandwidth to support future needs.

We custom-build to each customer’s specifications. Contact us to discuss your options.

1U Rack Mounted Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

The EarthWalk (EW) 1U Rack Mounted UPS provides intelligent and reliable power backup for your SmartCart32 wireless mobile computer lab. Its slim 1U design provides line interactive battery backup, while taking up minimal space and leaving ample room for other eServer Kit Components. Powerful 1200VA/600W power handling and UPS battery support allows users to work through short blackouts or safely shut down systems without loss of active data during longer power outages. The UPS has 4 AVR-protected outlets, and simple diagnostic LEDs (Fault/Line/Bat) and a built-in RS232 serial port for more detailed diagnostics using the included power management software.

1U Rack Mounted LCD/Keyboard Drawer

The EarthWalk (EW) 1U Rack Mounted LCD/Keyboard Drawer is the perfect space-saving component solution for creating an instructor workstation or an administrator control console. Its slim and compact industrial design combines a spectacular display and a keyboard with built-in pointing device in a compact unit that measures only 1U in height. Occupying a fraction of the space of traditional monitor and keyboard units, the installation of this component leaves ample space for other EW eServer Kit Components.

For legacy manuals, guides or device drivers/downloads, please visit our support section.

Refurbished Products

Take advantage of special discounts on items that have been used in trade shows or product evaluations, with minor scratches and dents. Full warranties in place. Speak with a sales rep for details and availability.

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