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EarthWalk customer compliments

We have been providing technology solutions to the educational community for more than two decades and are proud to have received customer compliments on our products and services. Some of the newer, quick bites via social media are on our Testimonials page. Below are a few that have been sent to us over the years.

“I’m writing this note to let you know how pleased we are with the EarthWalk mobile computer lab we recently purchased. Providing access to technology tools throughout our school was beginning to feel like an insurmountable task for us; the ability to provide access to any classroom with such simplicity and reliability has moved us forward.

The student reaction was summed up the first day we rolled the lab into a classroom. I overheard one student turn to a friend and say “I feel like I’m in a rich kid’s school”—that felt pretty good. The systems are easily usable; there is almost no downtime in putting the equipment into use in a classroom.

The staff is very happy that they are finally able to make use of online resources that were previously unavailable to them in their classrooms. They are also impressed by the ease of use. The integrated wireless access points and the built-in battery rotation systems make this truly plug and play; we have several teachers that do not have strong tech skills, but that fact has not been a barrier to putting the lab into use in their classrooms.

Our tech support person is also extremely happy. She has reported NO requests for assistance or issues with usage during the first four months of use. While we did have a few keypads that stopped functioning, the turnaround time on tech support has been very good.

In short, we appreciate your product very much—thank you!”

Bob King
Principal, Crater Renaissance Academy Central Point, OR

“EarthWalk SideKick Batteries make our labs truly usable with older technology never built to go for six hours.”

Dennis Bagley
With over 31 years of experience as the Director of Technology for Eastern Howard School Corporation in Greentown Indiana, Dennis Bagley has found a solution for his one-to-one online testing with EarthWalk Communications’ SideKick Battery. After attending the HECC conference four years ago and meeting with EarthWalk representatives, Dennis found a solution that worked. With the struggle of meeting the constant demands for diminishing run times for laptops, Eastern Howard School Corporation purchased SideKick Batteries to help solve an “all-day solution.” In their school district all of the English classrooms are set up for one-to-one with laptops. They use this configuration in the spring for mandatory state testing. The laptops were not holding enough charge to ensure the integrity of their statewide testing initiative until they purchased the Sidekick Battery. This single purchase helped Eastern Howard School Corporation successfully meet the demands of their one-to-one initiative with a battery that held the charge all day!

A spark of technology inspires students at an Arizona school district
MANASSAS, VA—For many students, the introduction to new technologies is a sought-after experience, and oftentimes can be considered a segue to future success and preparation for the global market. Today, many are given the opportunity to use modern technologies.

Teachers and students across Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson, AZ, are quickly discovering the excitement of integrating computing technologies to the curriculum. Throughout the district, seven schools have EarthWalk High-Efficiency (HE) computer labs with more than 2,700 Lenovo laptops deployed—and more labs to be launched in the near future. These laptops are stored and powered by EarthWalk’s MiniMax series mobile computer labs and maximize student-user hours when paired with the SideKick PowerPack. Many of these students, who had never experienced personal ownership of a laptop before, showed excitement and enthusiasm.

“I’ve seen the eyes of these students go wide open and their faces light up with excitement as they picked up the laptops. You notice that some of these students possess a genuine interest and a natural gift for technology,” explained Javier Baca, Chief Technology Officer of the district. “In one classroom, one of the students is already emerging as the local classroom technician and going around helping his peers.”

Along with students, teachers also appreciate the features of the mobile computer lab system largely due to its organization, 1:1 accessibility, security, power, green-natured efficiency, and the A/C brick that allows kids to take the laptops home. “The teachers appreciate the carts in that they act as their charging stations” said Assistant Director of Technology Mary Veres. “They appreciate not having a mess of cables all over the place. Also, there is the security and safety factor.”

Students at Sunnyside Unified School are provided with the one-to-one computing program, allowing students to take their laptops home with constant access to a wide array of applications and content. This program encourages students to broaden their learning experience and aids in the development of vital computing skills. The requirements to obtain a computer and participate in the program are as follows: parents and students must both must undergo the process of earning digital license, where the participant will learn to use a computer and be rated on three levels of competency (Basic, Internet, and Software), along with essential knowledge of internet safety and basic care. This program follows the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines for fair technology use.

Javier and Mary hope that these programs will further facilitate interest in technology for the students of the school district. The overall objective is that the deployment of these labs will ensure accessibility to computers not otherwise possible, pique interest in the field of information technology, and lead to higher student involvement and an increase in student retention within the Sunnyside District. By providing these students with the tools and power to innovate, the future is bright for the tech-savvy students at Sunnyside Unified School District.

“You can understand that for a lot of these students who have never had a computer, it’s an exciting thing.”

About the Sunnyside Unified School District’s “The Digital Advantage”

EarthWalk’s relationship with Native American tribes in different regions of the United States is of great significance. In a pilot program begun in 2006, the BRIDGES project was created to enhance educational and employment opportunities for Native Americans through the use of advanced state-of-the-art technology.

For many Native Americans residing in rural areas, large distance and lack of transportation impede access to training and services and, consequently, opportunities to participate in the local workforce. The BRIDGES project calls for the deployment of wireless mobile computer labs to bring workforce skills training and services directly to those who are facing these barriers. Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor in partnership with Comanche Nation College, EarthWalk has employed its wireless mobile solution in communities and schools throughout five tribal nations, many of which located in very remote locations.

EarthWalk’s technology provides hundreds of Native Americans with access to services at skill-training centers that would otherwise be out of their reach. Through this program, EarthWalk aims to help Comanche Nation College to expand literacy, skill training and academic skills, thereby increasing the employability and viability of the Native Americans in the marketplace.

Participating Native American Tribes:

  • Comanche Nation
  • Navajo Nation
  • Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California
  • Rosebud Sioux Tribe
  • Three Affiliated Tribe (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nation)




I just wanted to send a note thanking you for service above and beyond with our recent order for the Esperanza Center. Helping me correct the shipment (due to my address error) and assisting our coworker with the exchange and UPS issues in such a quick, thorough, and professional manner made this transaction go very smoothly. We may not be one of EarthWalk’s biggest customers, but were are one of the most satisfied.

James B. Tucker

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