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Whether you need portable storage for iPads and tablets or charging for Chromebooks and laptops, we have carts for schools that can be customized to meet your needs. With EarthWalk you are sure to find the solution that fits your specific budget and technology needs.


Up to 40 Devices | Charging Options Device Disinfection Option


Up to 36 Devices | Charging Options Device Disinfection Option


Up to 30 Devices | Charging Options Storage Shelf


Up to 40 Devices | Charging Options Storage Shelf & Bin Options


Up to 24 Devices Charging Options | LED Lighting | Custom Team Graphics


Up to 48 Devices | Charging Options Vertical Device Storage

EarthWalk’s foundation has been based on the design and creation of mobile computer carts. But we also recognize the need for other solutions: wall-mounted or tabletop charging stations and lockers as well as small, portable, cart-free charging stations for testing and outside-the-classroom experiences.

SaverSeries 16-W

Up to 16 Devices | Charging Options Device Disinfection Option

eCharger System

Portable USBC-PD Charging | Up to 6 Devices | 120w High Efficiency


Up to 10 Devices | 2.4A USB 3.0 | Portable Charging

HE PowerHub

Energy-efficient | Up to 12 Devices Portable

10-Tablet Table Top

Up to 10 Devices | Portable

Zip 12 Wall Cabinet

Up to 12 Devices | Slim Design

EarthWalk has charging solutions which can be custom-built according to your needs and budget. Whether you need an in-cart element, an energy-saving system, or portable charging solutions, we’ve got you covered. And to save you time and the hassle of dealing with all of those power cords, we can pre-wire your carts and stations for you.

HE-PD USBC Charging

Laptops | Chromebooks | Tablets iPads

eCharger System

Laptops | Chromebooks | Tablets | iPads


Laptops | Chromebooks | Tablets iPads


Laptops | Chromebooks

AC Smart Bar

Laptops | Chromebooks | Tablets | iPads


Chromebooks | Tablets | iPads

The disinfection of classroom devices is crucial for maintaining the health and wellbeing of students and staff. Sharing tools such as Chromebooks and other devices is an excellent learning method, but it introduces the risk of spreading germs. That’s why EarthWalk provides ozone technology for safe, efficient disinfection of all classroom devices.


Up to 40 Devices | Charging Options


Up to 36 Devices | Charging Options

SaverSeries 16-W

Up to 16 Devices | Charging Options

Whether you’re planning a 1:1 deployment, selecting new computing devices for online testing compliance or updating your teacher’s classroom PC, EarthWalk has partnered with industry leaders such as Intel, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus and others to offer a wide variety of brand name laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, desktops and computing devices designed for education that can fit your budget and satisfy your specific needs.

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