Cart Art
Custom graphic skins

Customize most EarthWalk carts or stations by incorporating a unique decal or total graphic wrap design. We use the same durable adhesive vinyl that is typically used in automobile branding/wraps to create customizable displays that are sure to bring your storage and charging solutions to life.

  • Decal cart with school emblem or logo
  • Display a world map, periodic table, historic timeline and figures, etc.
  • Customize graphics for specific school courses, ie. Art, Language, Math, Science
  • Conduct a design contest for your school, designed by your student body
  • Give businesses an opportunity to sponsor your school’s charging carts with our C.O.W.s for Kids corporate sponsorships

Customizable Carts and Stations


Up to 40 Devices Charging Options Device Disinfection Option


Up to 36 Devices Charging Options Device Disinfection Option


Up to 30 Devices Charging Options Storage Shelf


Up to 40 Devices Charging Options Storage Shelf & Bin Options


Up to 24 Devices Charging Options | LED Lighting Custom Team Graphics


Up to 48 Devices | Charging Options Vertical Device Storage

SaverSeries 16-W

Up to 16 Devices | Charging Options Device Disinfection Option

Art File Spec’s for Small Chassis Cart Skins Spec Sheet (Models include MiniMax 24-40, FlexCart 16-30 and ChromeCart CC32V / CC30+ / CC40)

Art File Spec’s for Doors Only (For left door only, when a full cart wrap is not done. Small (2-column) and large (3-column) chassis models, which includes MiniMax, FlexCart, ChromeCart. Also includes specs for our SaverSeries 30-36, ChromeCart Jr. doors and the top banner portion of the SS16-W station)

NOTE: Accepted graphic files need to be large, high-resolution graphic formats (preferably Adobe Illustrator vector files) suitable for print. THIS WEB LINK has a really good explanation of graphic files and how gifs and pngs can not be used for print.

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