Charging & Power Solutions

Customized charging based on your technology requirements and budget

Charging & Power Solutions for All Types of Devices

Since 1996, EarthWalk has worked tirelessly to develop and provide the industry’s most comprehensive selection of carts and stations for charging and securely storing classroom devices: laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and tablets. Choose from any of our custom “built-to-order” product series, which are organized on our website by the devices they are made to accommodate.

And our pre-wired charging options are second to none—we’ve been offering this service for many years. Say goodbye to installation headaches and complex setups. Just unbox and go. We can provide you with the exact solution you need for your devices, your budget and your goals and eliminate the hassle of dealing with all of those cables.


From integrated USBC-PD, i-Charge and AC-SMART switching systems to basic AC outlets, we can custom-build a system according to your technology needs and budget. Whether you need an in-cart element, an energy-saving system, or portable charging solutions, we’ve got you covered. 


All-day testing? No problem. Check out the multiple options to get power to your devices.  Some can even be integrated right into your carts and stations.

With EarthWalk you are sure to find the solution that fits your specific needs.

Our carts & stations support all operating systems:

HE-PD65 PowerHub Charging

Laptops | Chromebooks | Tablets | iPads | Smartphones

Pre-Wired HEPD USBC Charging

Chromebooks | Tablets | iPads | Smartphones


Laptops | Chromebooks

eCharger portable powerpack system

eCharger System

Laptops | Chromebooks | Tablets | iPads

AC Smart Bar

Laptops | Chromebooks | Tablets | iPads

eCharge6 charging locker

eCharge6 Locker

Chromebooks | Laptops | Tablets | iPads | Smartphones

HEPD6 charger

HEPD6 Charger

Chromebooks | Tablets | iPads | Smartphones

USBC Sidekick Battery

Chromebooks | Laptops | Tablets | iPads

iCharge 10

Chromebooks | Tablets | iPads

Adapters & Accessories

For the latest in charging adapters & accessories (such as additional adapters for your devices), choose from EarthWalk’s wide selection of factory-authorized name-brand products. Contact your EarthWalk sales rep to get the product that is right for your specific needs.

We Can Help Address Your Technology & Budget Needs

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