Pre-wired charging cart

USBC is the latest standard in charging portable devices—and we can pre-wire any of our carts or stations with premium, certified USBC-PD adapters with our smart managed charging system (AC-SMART).

You have a choice of purchasing our USBC-PD adapters or you can supply us with yours. We’ll take care of the wiring headache so you can literally plug-n-play and focus on storing and charging multiple devices as soon as the order is delivered to you.

Our AC-SMART system can provide managed charging power for all of your devices from a single power cord, charging all your devices as quickly as possible and eliminate the worry of overloading your electrical circuits.

Pre-wired options are available in all of our carts and stations.


  • High-efficiency HEPD system with USBC charging cables
  • 5v | 9v | 12v | 15v | 20v
AC Smart with USBC-PD Adapters
  • Digitally managed electrical switching system
  • Use your existing adapters or purchase our certified adapters


  • High-efficiency USB charging system
  • Pre-wired USB type C charging cables
  • 5v devices only


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