Three Mistakes to Avoid with a Laptop Charging Cart

Three Mistakes to Avoid with a Laptop Charging Cart. EarthWalk.

Since 1996, EarthWalk has been committed to powering classrooms and empowering students. The Importance of Responsible Charging In a digital-first world, laptops are an essential learning tool in classrooms. To keep these devices charged, secured, and organized, laptop charging carts have become a classroom staple. Help ensure the longevity and functionality of your school’s laptop […]

One-to-One Device Deployment

1-to-1 device deployment, students each have devices

Managing 1-to-1 device deployment requires careful planning and management, but it can provide many benefits for students and teachers.

Summer Storage Solutions

Summer technology storage tips

These tips ensure that your technology investments are properly stored during the summer break and will be ready to use when the new school year begins.

Upcycling Used Tech Equipment

Earth Day: reduce, recycle, reuse

Restoring used equipment to give it a second life and possibly a new function saves money & provides environmental sustainability.

Schools Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Schools Vulnerable to CyberattacksHackers targeting school districts If the pandemic hasn’t tortured educators and students enough, cyber attackers are doing their best to terrorize school administrators across the country. Hackers have been studying weaknesses in K-12 IT infrastructures, threatening to release highly sensitive financial and personal information on the dark web if districts don’t pay […]

Tips for Successful Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning

Tips for Successful Hybrid Learning The COVID-19 pandemic forced most schools to switch to an online learning model, and students and teachers quickly had to adapt to a new learning and teaching environment. As schools have begun reopening, online learning isn’t going away. Many schools have found a hybrid classroom model—blending some in-class instruction with […]