The next generation of EarthWalk’s technology offering

Specialists in Solar Power for Education and Not-for-profits

EarthWalk has been an educational technology provider for more than 25 years. Our innovations have focused on energy efficiency and using energy wisely.

The next generation of EarthWalk’s technology offering is one that will take schools and nonprofit organizations into the future: Solar Power.

Tax-exempt organizations do not receive the benefits of government subsidies that other businesses receive. In effect, your tax-exempt status has you paying more to join the “green revolution.” EarthWalk recognized this disparity and our SolarWalk division helps to solve these issues. Our nonprofit programs are partnered with private businesses, allowing your organization to take advantage of the tax savings—even when your organization’s status is tax exempt.

Solar Power Systems: Cut Costs for Decades

SolarWalk, a division of EarthWalk Communications, is a solar power developer. We have partnered with an experienced team of solar power experts, providing schools, religious and other nonprofit organizations the opportunity to take advantage of the green energy tax savings by building solar power-generating systems—with no outlay of personnel or budget.

A solution that will cut costs, requires no money up front and is a sustainable, renewable source of energy for years to come.

In our role as Solar Project Developers, we work with an experienced team of solar partners. These partners have extensive experience in engineering, procurement and construction of solar power generating systems. The components are custom-designed to fit your organization’s requirements and needs.

Our job is to help you define the requirements and needs for your project and come back with proposals from several different partners from which you can choose. These will consist of photovoltaic/solar panels in rooftop, ground mount and carport systems that can generate up to 90% of your electricity while still working with your county’s infrastructure—saving you a whole lot of money on your energy expenses. The equipment is durable, reliable, sustainable and will be professionally maintained throughout the entire term of the solar agreement. And you don’t have to do anything.

Reduced Cost

Power generated from SolarWalk costs less than rates charged by power companies*


of your school's/nonprofit's power can be generated by solar


Green, sustainable, reliable energy

$0 Cost

Everything is handled, from permits & solar panels to construction

25 Years

Commitment to purchase the solar-generated power at a deep discount


Potential electricity savings over 25 years

*Rates vary by state. Source: Choose Energy

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There is no catch. SolarWalk is a solar developer; we arrange construction of the system and then your commitment is to take the solar power from it–at a significantly reduced rate compared to municipal utility companies–from a renewable/solar power company. SolarWalk coordinates the development of the project on your behalf, then sells it to an Independent Power Provider. You don’t pay to construct or maintain it. The bottom line is that you’re saving money while also utilizing a renewable energy source.

The Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are really durable and reliable. In fact, our are engineered to withstand snow and wind loads and seismic activity. There are no moving parts in the system, but the general rule of thumb is the panels’ expected lifespan is 30-50 years.

Usually between 50-90% of your typical electrical consumption is produced at a significantly reduced cost (compared to the local utility).

At the end of the lease term, there are three options:

  • Removal of the system at no cost
  • Renewal of the PPA—continue paying reduced electrical costs without having to handle any maintenance of the system.
  • Purchase the system at fair market value (typically at or near $1) and the equipment is yours; you can then maintain the system and receive all the energy produced at no charge.

We are not a backup power supplier. You ARE still connected to the power grid, and if that power source is interrupted the solar array is required to go offline. This is a safety measure to ensure utility workers are not injured (with current) as they make repairs.

What Can Your School do With Extra Savings?

Batesville, Arkansas is a small, rural town with tight school budgets. Teacher salaries were the lowest in the state, and many were leaving the county to work elsewhere.

Not any more! The installation of approximately 1,500 solar panels saved the school district about $600,000 in utility costs: An un-used field contains hundreds of ground-mount solar grids and multiple solar carports were installed near the buildings.

The utility cost savings were so significant to the bottom line that teachers received raises and bonuses. Now there are fewer resignations—and an influx in teacher resumés.

Solar Energy: Sustainable, Renewable Source of Electricity to Power our Future

EarthWalk has partnered with solar experts, whose trailblazing and respected ideas have been patented and implemented for almost 40 years. SolarWalk is a solar developer division that provides an affordable, renewable power solution to lower electrical costs while still working with your county’s electrical infrastructure—and saving you up to 40% on your energy expenses.

SolarWalk is a turn-key solar developer solution that provides lower electrical costs; it’s durable, reliable, sustainable. And we take care of everything.

Take control of your power costs and lock in to 25 years of low electricity rates while committing to sustainable energy and a smaller carbon footprint. SolarWalk is the way to do it, and we are here to get you started. Give us a call or request more details by filling out the form below to see if your project qualifies.

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