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Three Mistakes to Avoid with a Laptop Charging Cart. EarthWalk.

The Importance of Responsible Charging

In a digital-first world, laptops are an essential learning tool in classrooms. To keep these devices charged, secured, and organized, laptop charging carts have become a classroom staple.

Help ensure the longevity and functionality of your school’s laptop charging cart by avoiding these three common charging cart mistakes. 

#1 Don’t Overload the Cart

One of the most common mistakes schools make with laptop charging carts is overloading them. EarthWalk charging carts are designed with a specific capacity limit and arrangement in mind. Depending on the model, most EarthWalk charging carts can hold 30 to 40 laptops and overloading the cart can lead to several issues.

Overheating: If you place too many laptops in a charging cart they can restrict airflow and lead to the cart overheating. Laptops generate heat during the charging process, and when they can’t dissipate it properly, it can cause damage to both the laptops and the cart itself.

Battery Degradation: Constantly overloading an EarthWalk laptop charging cart can cause the laptop batteries to degrade faster. When laptops are left in a fully charged state for extended periods of time, it can actually shorten the overall battery lifespan. Once your laptops have reached a full charge, unplug them and allow your devices to use the majority of their battery life before charging again. 

Cart Wear and Tear: EarthWalk carts are made from durable steel frames but overloading them can put unnecessary stress on the cart’s wheels and handles. Overloading the cart may lead to premature wear and tear, affecting the cart’s durability and mobility.

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Charging Tip: Always follow EarthWalk’s recommended capacity guidelines for the individual cart model. If you need to charge more laptops, consider investing in additional carts or a secondary charging station.

#2 Neglecting Your Cables

Proper cable management is often overlooked when using a laptop charging cart, but it’s crucial for both safety and efficiency. Tripping over tangled cables causes thousands of workplace injuries per year and pre-wired carts are an excellent way to eliminate the hassle of untangling charging cables. 

Tangled Cable Tension: Leaving your charging cables tangled and disorganized can lead to cable tension and damage, making it difficult to access power sources when needed. Constantly bending or twisting your charging cables can damage the protective exterior coating over time, leading to the need for frequent replacements.

Any excess wires may be bundled via cable ties. If you plan on frequently moving your adapters in and out of the charging cart, no strain relief is recommended. 

Tripping Hazards: Long cables sticking out from the charging cart can create tripping and fire hazards in classrooms.

To avoid these charging cart issues, use cable management accessories provided with the cart or invest in EarthWalk’s pre-wired charging carts. Our streamlined, plug-and-play experience eliminates clutter, reduces setup time, and ensures classroom safety.

#3 Ignoring Proper Ventilation & Fire Hazards

Laptops generate heat when charging and if your charging cart doesn’t have adequate space around it, you’re at risk for overheating and potential device damage.

Avoid Blocking Vents: Your EarthWalk charging cart will have ventilation slots or fans to allow for adequate airflow. When loading laptops into the cart, be mindful not to block ventilation openings with laptops or cables. Properly distribute laptops inside the cart to maintain proper airflow.

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Regular Cart Cleaning & Maintenance: Dust can build up over time and prevent air from circulating through the vents. Even a thin layer of dust can ignite quickly and spread throughout your school if your electronics cause a spark. Don’t forget to clean dust the cart’s ventilation openings to prevent airflow obstruction and fires. 

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By following these laptop charging cart guidelines, your school can make the most out of your investment and ensure a great experience for students.

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