Our Top K12 Configurations

Pre-Wired SS30 for iPads

The SaverSeries 30 is available in a pre-wired solution featuring our high-efficiency HEPD system, equipped with Apple USB-C charging cables supporting 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, or 20V.

Pre-Wired SS30 for Chromebooks

From Melvin’s email this config seemed the same as the iPad one – should we do the wall warts for this one? 

Pre-Wired MM30 for All Devices

The MiniMax 30 is available in a pre-wired solution featuring our NEW HE (high-efficiency) pre-wired PowerHub 65 charging system provides simultaneous charging power to USB-C devices at up to 65 watts per device.

Saves Time
Your product is ready to use as soon as it’s delivered.
Easy Workflow
Your cable management is stress-free and organized.
Cost Savings
Cables are secured in place—less wear-and-tear and reduced theft of cables and adapters.
Frees Up Adapters
You can use your AC adapters outside of the carts and stations.
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Pre-wired option available on all of our carts and stations

Unbox your order and you're good to go. We eliminate the hassle of dealing with all of those cables.
Pre-wired in the back of the cart
Clean cable management—NO AC ADAPTERS for you to connect
Clean cables in front
Easily plug in or remove devices as soon as you open the door
Saves you time
Professionally installed cables—you don't have to deal with the mess
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We can pre-wire your carts or stations with the charging system of your choice.

Additionally—you can purchase our adapters or you can supply us with yours. Either way you are good to go upon delivery.



  • High-efficiency HEPD system with USBC charging cables
  • 5v | 9v | 12v | 15v | 20v
AC Smart with USBC-PD Adapters
  • Digitally managed electrical switching system
  • Use your existing adapters or purchase our certified adapters


  • High-efficiency USB charging system
  • Pre-wired USB type C charging cables
  • 5v devices only


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