Solar Energy for Nonprofits
Electricity prices are rising

Can Your Budget Take a Hit Like That?

EarthWalk’s SolarWalk division operates as a solar power developer to assist public and private schools and other not-for-profit entities to go green.

Schools and nonprofits pay the same energy rates that everyone else does, but without the opportunity of any tax rebates or savings when renewable systems are put in place. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), energy costs typically rise an average of 2% every year—but 2022 may see an even larger bump in costs, with the EIA projecting an increase of more than 40% more to heat homes this winter. Just recently the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission announced energy increases of 50% across the commonwealth beginning this month. Those unstable, higher fees for power essentially mean less funds towards the goals and mission of a school district or nonprofit. 

SolarWalk solves the solar tax rebate issues for schools and nonprofits. In our role as solar power developers, we have partnered with solar technology experts that build on-site solar power systems that cut costs, require no money up front and are renewable sources of power for years to come with stable, reliable pricing. The projects are developed on behalf of a utility/Independent Power Provider (IPP), and funded via a power purchase agreement. The IPP gains the tax rebates and passes along lower electricity rates to the nonprofit.

It’s a win-win, with no outlay of expenses or staff to build and maintain the system for decades. 

“We have spent the last 25 years helping school districts implement energy-efficient technology solutions,” states Evan McConnell, CEO of EarthWalk Communications. “We see the confusion of administrators as sustainable energy programs are promoted by tax rebates, while schools and nonprofits do not pay taxes. We launched the SolarWalk division to help schools and nonprofits partner with private enterprises to take advantage of tax benefits and to optimize these opportunities.” 

These solar power systems can save millions of dollars in energy costs with consistent, predictable pricing and clean, renewable power guaranteed for years to come. There are no funds required for the entire project and no staff resources are needed for project development, maintenance, or tech support. 

Find out more today and see if your project qualifies.

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