65w USBC-PD battery

Testing is around the corner. If you’re on a tight budget but still need a solution to charge devices here’s your solution: We have a surplus on 65W (output) battery packs and for a limited time we are deep discounting them. Charge three devices at one time—Chromebooks, tablets, phones and more.

No more searching for available USB ports or wall-plug adapters, no more swapping devices, no more second-guessing battery levels and charging times. Use 1-to-1 with a device or charge up to three devices at a time while placed in our rugged storage tubs.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • 1 input/output USBC-PD
  • 2 outputs—USB-A and USBC-PD
  • 65w PD shared output—fast charging
  • 45w PD input—quick re-charging 
  • Adapts high-density lithium polymer battery cell, ensuring more stable, faster and powerful charging speed than other powerbanks
  • Powerful enough to charge laptops and Chromebooks, but advanced low-current mode means compatible with lower-power devices such as earphones, bluetooth speakers and other accessories
  • 4 LED lights display to show power level available in the powerpack


Build your own system

Purchase as stand-alone powerpacks or create an eCharger system (with the secure box and 6-port HEPD6 charging system).

GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN—Once these discounted overstock powerpacks are gone, they’re gone.


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