HEPD6 Charger
HEPD6 ChargerSpace saving design fits neatly into charging carts and classrooms.
HEPD6 charger

6-port, USBC-PD 3.0 charger makes charging your USB-C devices more practical and convenient. Charges up to 14% faster than traditional 2.1A USB chargers.

No more searching for available USB ports or wall-plug adapters, no more swapping devices, no more second-guessing battery levels and charging times.

One charger offers six dedicated, powered USB-C ports, allowing you to recharge multiple devices at once, all in the same place.

$99.00 + Free Shipping

HEPD6 Charger Spec Sheet

Key Features & Benefits

  • Safeguards against overheating,
    short-circuiting, overvoltage/
  • The USB-C port leverages
    bidirectional Power Delivery (PD)
    over a wide range of voltages (5
    to 20 volts) for super-fast charging
    (65W max) and recharging (45W
  • LED lights allow users to see battery
    health and power status
  • FCC, BC, UL 2056, UL 60950-1, DOE,
    CEC, and TPCH rated


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