Massachusetts EANS

EarthWalk has the tech tools educators use, so students succeed

These are the EarthWalk products that are part of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s contract for IT Hardware and Services for the Massachusetts EANS Programs.

Whether you need storage for iPads and tablets or charging for Chromebooks and laptops, we have solutions for mobile carts as well as smaller table-top stations. 


Up to 30 Devices | Heavy-duty welded seams | Horizontal device storage

SaverSeries30 rev5 charging cart


Up to 30 Devices | Small footprint Heavy-duty welded seams

SaverSeries 16-W

Up to 16 Devices | Table-top storage & charging | Rugged steel construction

Portable Charging

Students often come to class with dead batteries. Our eCharger system quickly and efficiently charges devices—even laptops and Chromebooks. Portable USBC-PD charging with a secure case, 6 Sidekick powerpacks and 6 USBC 3.1 cables.

eCharger portable charging system

eCharger System

Portable USBC-PD Charging | Up to 6 powerful battery packs | 240w High Efficiency

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