eCharge6 locker drawing


EarthWalk’s eCharge6 locker will securely store and charge up to six devices in lockable compartments.

The system includes a secure charging locker with 6 individually lockable compartments, a 120-watt USBC-PD charging system, and your choice of 6 pre-wired USBC to USBC 3.1 or Lightning cables.

Constructed with 16 & 20 AWG solid steel—multiple units can be stacked to create a charging center.

No AC adapters required.

eCharge6 Locker Sheet

Expected Delivery Summer 2023!

eCharge6 Locker



  • Capacity: Six (6) individual lockable storage compartments with user-set, one-time-use combination
  • Construction: 16 & 20 AWG solid steel
  • Charging System: Integrated 120W charger with six (6) USBC-PD ports
  • Locker Dimensions: 15″ width x 25″ height x 18.6″ depth
  • Device Storage Slots Dimensions:
    15″ width x 2.875″ height x 16.5″ depth
  • Input power: 110V-220V AC 50/60hz

U.S. power cord included


  • Made in the USA—solid steel construction
  • Works with Chromebooks and tablets
  • Integrated, high-efficiency charging system
  • Six (6) individually lockable powered storage compartments for electronic devices
  • Pre-wired charging cables
eCharge6 locker-front drawing

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