EarthWalk Earns BBB Accreditation

Better Business Bureau logo

EarthWalk Earns BBB AccreditationThis achievement demonstrates our commitment to ethics and customer satisfaction We are thrilled to announce that EarthWalk Communications been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is a significant milestone for our business, and we are excited to be part of this reputable organization. For those who may not be familiar […]

A Source for Responsible Recycling

EarthWalk and Upcycle: a green partnership

A Source for Responsible RecyclingEarth Day every day–a green partnership Twenty-five years ago, when EarthWalk was a burgeoning ed-tech company, the classroom landscape was a different animal. Overhead projectors were a premier technology and the T-84 calculator had yet to be invented. Today, schools cycle through millions of laptops every three to five years, electronic […]

Schools Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Schools Vulnerable to CyberattacksHackers targeting school districts If the pandemic hasn’t tortured educators and students enough, cyber attackers are doing their best to terrorize school administrators across the country. Hackers have been studying weaknesses in K-12 IT infrastructures, threatening to release highly sensitive financial and personal information on the dark web if districts don’t pay […]

Solar Energy for Nonprofits

Solar Energy for NonprofitsElectricity prices are rising Can Your Budget Take a Hit Like That? EarthWalk’s SolarWalk division operates as a solar power developer to assist public and private schools and other not-for-profit entities to go green. Schools and nonprofits pay the same energy rates that everyone else does, but without the opportunity of any tax rebates […]

Tips for Successful Hybrid Learning

Tips for Successful Hybrid Learning The COVID-19 pandemic forced most schools to switch to an online learning model, and students and teachers quickly had to adapt to a new learning and teaching environment. As schools have begun reopening, online learning isn’t going away. Many schools have found a hybrid classroom model—blending some in-class instruction with […]

Solar Tax Credits

Solar Tax CreditsShrinking solar incentives This winter’s brutal cold temperatures, snow and ice have been challenging for many parts of the country, and rising energy costs have become a hot topic. Many commercial organizations have looked at renewable sources of power—particularly with regard to tax incentives. But there’s growing concern that the downward trend of […]

How to Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

How to Extend Your Device’s Battery LifeTips for boosting your battery life Today, most devices use lithium-ion batteries—from your smartphone to the Chromebooks used in your school. Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, with a long life cycle and no memory effect preventing devices from using their full capacity. While the batteries themselves have significantly improved, certain factors can […]

Emergency Connectivity Fund

Emergency Connectivity FundFunds for Students’ Access to Technology In May of 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act created a $7.17 billion dollar fund to help eligible schools and libraries provide internet access and technology to remote learning students. The FCC Emergency Connectivity Fund’s (EFC) goal is to close the “homework gap” for millions of K-12 […]

25 Years of EdTech Innovation

25 Years of EdTech InnovationCelebrating EarthWalk’s 25-Year Anniversary K-12 Technology Provides Enriched Learning In the education world today, we offer an evolving range of products to enrich students’ learning. Our technologies specifically provide advantages via improved computer access and literacy: Access to educational technology offers learning opportunities that develop students’ understanding of key concepts with […]