SolarWalk: Press Release 2021
EarthWalk's new division solves tax rebate issues for school and nonprofits

Manassas, Virginia | March 2021

EarthWalk announces its SolarWalk division to assist public and private schools and other not-for-profit entities to go green by taking advantage of renewable energy tax rebates.

“We have spent the last 25 years helping school districts implement energy-efficient technology solutions,” states Evan McConnell, CEO of EarthWalk Communications. “We see the confusion of administrators as sustainable energy programs are promoted by tax rebates, while schools and nonprofits do not pay taxes. We launched the SolarWalk division to help schools and nonprofits partner with private enterprises to take advantage of tax benefits and to optimize these opportunities.”

These solar power systems can save millions of dollars in energy costs with consistent, predictable pricing and clean, renewable power guaranteed for years to come. There are no funds required for the entire project and no staff resources are needed for project development, maintenance, or tech support.