25 Years of EdTech Innovation
Celebrating EarthWalk's 25-Year Anniversary
EarthWalk celebrates 25th anniversary

K-12 Technology Provides Enriched Learning

In the education world today, we offer an evolving range of products to enrich students’ learning. Our technologies specifically provide advantages via improved computer access and literacy: Access to educational technology offers learning opportunities that develop students’ understanding of key concepts with an excitement for learning.

How EarthWalk’s Technology has Evolved Over the Past 25 Years

EarthWalk’s history of classroom technology has taken many turns since our founding in 1996, and we’re proud of all we’ve been able to accomplish and provide to our customers. Here’s a snapshot of how our technologies have developed over time.

Innovative Leaders in EdTech

EarthWalk was the first company to incorporate wireless technology into student laptops.

We patented the technology system for secure, mobile charging carts to provide computer lab access for any classroom.

We were one of the pioneers to develop solutions for all-day laptop battery power to help students keep computer-based learning uninterrupted.

We engineered and patented a High-Efficiency electrical power management and battery power technology system that was adapter-free and energy efficient for charging multiple laptops—a first of its kind.

EarthWalk’s AC-SMART switching system, an electrical power management and charging system—and one of the world’s first of its kind—senses power consumption and distributes power where it’s needed, eliminating circuit overload.

Our exclusive Cart Art option personalizes carts and stations with unique, custom graphic decals such as school logos, sports mascots and classroom curricula images.

Innovative Technologies

SolarWalk—In just the past few years, we announced the launch of SolarWalk, a solar power project development division. These solar power systems provide reliable, renewable electricity to schools and nonprofits through rooftop, ground mount and carport photovoltaic panel systems, saving millions of dollars in energy costs for many years.

CleanZone—As COVID-19 pandemic concerns shaped educational protocol, we stepped up to help provide solutions. Our industry-leading device decontamination technology uses ozone, a naturally occurring compound and classified as an oxidizing and disinfecting agent. Unlike UV technology, ozone is a heavy gas and can penetrate every corner of the enclosed carts and stations, effectively killing up to 99.9% of pathogens on all surfaces. And once the ozone dissipates, it decomposes back into oxygen molecules—leaving no harmful residue or odor.

Innovative American Company

EarthWalk prides itself on developing and building our products right here in America, just outside of Washington, DC. Our customer support is in the United States, our sales team is in the United States and our technical support is in the United States. We stand by our products and we make sure that ultimately our customers are satisfied.

Thanks for Celebrating Our 25-Year Anniversary with Us!

We’re proud of what we have accomplished in the past 25 years. But our journey was made possible by our customers and supporters, and we want to thank you. As classroom technology and learning strategies continue to evolve, we are excited to embrace change and continue to grow our products and services.

Learn more about our secure charging carts and stations, pre-wired options and charging solutions as well as unique services like CleanZone and SolarWalk. Explore the possibilities of learning with us.

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