NEW PRODUCT! USBC PowerStation 16
Built to provide simultaneous charging power to a wide range of USBC devices, this innovative hub is a must-have for any tech-savvy individual or organization.
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Pre-wired Charging
Get streamlined, plug-and-play deployment of your cart or station as soon as you unbox it. Eliminate clutter, reduce setup time and ensure safety. You're good to go.
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Now Shipping! eCharge6 Locker
Charge up to 6 devices in lockable compartments using user-set, one-time-use combinations.
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Charging Carts for Schools
EarthWalk offers a variety of computer carts on wheels for you to easily store and charge all of your classroom devices. Learn more about EarthWalk’s classroom computer carts and how they can benefit your school.
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Charging Stations
We recognize the need for solutions like wall-mounted or tabletop charging stations and lockers as well as small, portable, cart-free charging stations for testing and outside-the-classroom experiences.
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Featured Item: eCharger System
Portable USBC-PD power wherever it's needed. EarthWalk's eCharger System is safer and more energy efficient than having multiple AC adapters, power strips and extension cords throughout the classroom.
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About Us

Giving you the power to educate for more than 25 years: computer charging carts, stations and power systems with a focus on education. At EarthWalk, our mission is to deliver tools that make the management of K-12 technology in the classroom efficient, saving time and funds.

25+ Years of EdTech Innovation!

For more than 25 years the organization has successfully delivered its technology solutions to more than 8,000 school districts throughout the United States and its territories, as well as to international markets with clients in Central America, the Middle East, Egypt, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. 

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EarthWalk has the tech tools educators use, so students succeed

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innovative Leaders

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Client Testimonials

Just got the new Chromebook carts from EarthWalk…. Solid USA-built gear. My top choice!

via Twitter

We love EarthWalk carts here in Nashville, TN, because of the quality of the carts, the flexibility of the conversion kits and the exceptional customer service we receive from your team.”

Metro Nashville Public Schools, TN

Those carts are awesome! My techs advocate for EarthWalk carts every opportunity they find! We Will be pushing for them again this year!

Billings, SD

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