Chromebooks—a quick and efficient tech tools for students—utilize the Google Chrome operating system, have full-size keyboards and are capable of running several cloud-based apps at lightning speed.

Brand Name Chromebooks & Accessories

If you’re looking for the latest in Chromebooks, choose from EarthWalk’s wide selection of factory-authorized, name-brand products. Contact your EarthWalk solution specialist to help you select the product that is right for your needs. Some of our partners:

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EarthWalk Chromebook Services (available for each Chromebook sold)

Chrome OS Management Console License, EDU–System Prep Pre-shipment

Google Chrome OS Management Console License, Education end-user only, license sold per life of unit. The web-based management console makes it easy to deploy and control users, devices and apps across a fleet of Chromebooks. Configure Chrome features users, set up Chrome device access to VPNs and WiFi networks, track Chrome device shipments, pre-install Chrome apps and extensions, and more.

White Glove Device Enrollment–System Prep Pre-shipment

White Glove Service is enrollment of the Chromebook devices in the school’s Management Console, full OS updates, and school personalization at the Chromebook Integration Center. This prepares the device for teacher and student to use upon arrival. By preparing the Chromebook for use upon delivery, this greatly reduces the work required by the onsite technical staff and improves the end user experience.

Asset Tagging–System Prep Pre-shipment

EarthWalk Chromebook integration facilities offer asset tagging, management, and reporting for Chromebooks, often as and second step to White Glove Device Enrollment. Customers may furnish their own asset tags or custom asset tags can be created, tagging the Chromebook asset prior to shipment.

Chromebook Warranty Upgrade to 3 Years

3 Year Depot manufacturer agnostic warranty upgrade with turnaround of 4 business days from time unit received at depot location


Additional Google-Pros Chromebook Services (available for School Districts)

Google Apps–Setup & Administration Consulting

(pre-requisite to Google Chrome Management Console deployment)
Schools new to using Google Apps will find value in leveraging the Google Pros team for the initial setup of Google Apps. The registration, acquiring of the Google PIN# and the domain verification is a critical part of the process. During this process is a good time to discuss whether the school wants to migrate existing e-mail to the Google account or start fresh. E-mail migration is not included in this offering but, migration services by Google Pros are available at additional charge.

Google Chrome Management Console–Planning, Deployment, First-time Setup

(including wireless)
Google Pros works with the network/school administrators to design the Management Console in a similar fashion as Active Directory. Key focus is on developing the Organizational Units / Classes and the rights associated with them. Insured is correct setup of the wireless SSIDs, key to a smooth roll out. Training of support staff occurs during this first-time setup, with demonstration of how to administer the domain and it’s settings in the future. The delivery should prepare all to introduce Chromebooks into the environment.



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